About the founder

Catherine Kontos, Resiliency Coach, BA(psy), DipM

Catherine has a background in psychology, marketing, wellness coaching and is a successful business woman. She has been featured in the well known magazine Psychology Today. 

Specialized in cancer patients, survivors and their families. 

An expert in executive/business coaching and training. 

Practices stress reduction and resiliency training. Trained in Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR).

What is a Resiliency Coach?

Life is truly beautiful, but it is full of obstacles. I call these obstacles, opportunities to learn. When life knocks you down, how fast do you get up? Do you improve with every fall or do you give up?  

I am a resiliency coach. I help my clients cope with life's challenges by changing their perspective to a more positive one. Where one must take these obstacles and learn to thrive from them. 

Learn to become resilient and come alive to a more gratifying life.

Stop surviving. Start Thriving.

MBSR uses a combination of mindfulness meditation, body awareness, and yoga. It's beneficial effects, include stress reduction, relaxation, and improves quality of life overall. My one on one sessions include  all this when we talk about the challenges you are facing. 

Leave from this experience feeling in more control of your life. Reduce the clutter in your mind and be able to make the decisions that will guide you to a more fruitful life no matter what your situation.

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