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A New Way Of Being

Transformational Weekend Retreat 

April 20-22nd, 2018

Escape from all the noise and find the clarity needed to align your life with the best version of you!

Uplifted Life in collaboration with SunHill Retreats will share with you the best practices to empower you through this exclusive uplifting experience that will inspire you and transform you in ways that will help you breakthrough to your truest self and reclaim your life’s potential.

It is your time to finally take care of you. Take it!

Stop Surviving. Start thriving.

This is a very intimate and personalized retreat making it highly impactful to your transformational experience.

Space is limited to 12 guests for this exclusive and intimate size group .

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With life coming at us at such a rapid pace, we often feel weighed down and directionless. We come to believe that somewhere along the way we ended up losing our inner compass and feel disconnected from our Soul and our Purpose.


What if we actually never lost our connection?

What if all the wisdom and guidance was just muffled under layers of self-limiting stories, anxiety provoking self-talk that end up making us go around in circles of confusion?

What if there was a New Way Of Being that allowed us to align with our truest self and experience abundance in every aspect of our life?

How uplifting and life-transforming would that be?


• You feel like your mind is going a million-miles-a-minute and you can rarely relax and enjoy your life in the present moment

• You’re often waiting to reach some destination or goal before you can let yourself feel secure, happy and fulfilled

• Feeling expansive and playful sounds like a distant childhood memory

• You feel heavy, contracted and disconnected from your true self and functioning on autopilot most of time

You have a hunch that there might be a lighter way to experience your life and achieve your dreams, but don’t know where to start

• You know you have great potential, but feel unable to fully step into it

• You know you have a purpose, but feel directionless

If any of these points sound familiar, Uplifted Life’s and SunHill Retreats unique, free-flowing and deeply transformative weekend retreat at the beautiful Great Chalet is for you.

During our time together, you will be immersed in the ideal environment to recharge your batteries, reconnect with your Highest Self and remember the Truths that enable you to transform on a deep level.

Join us from April 20th to 22nd and realign with the vision, wisdom and purpose of your soul!


This retreat will activate, inspire, and support individuals who feel called to live up to their full potential and make a positive difference in the world. It will empower those who are ready to get of their own way and make the leap towards a life that is in total alignment with who they truly are.


• Learn how to slow down and declutter your mind so you may reestablish connection with your inner guidance and know exactly what your next step in life is

• Begin to perceive reality through the untainted lens of the soul; allowing for a more expanded understanding of who YOU are and what the True Purpose of Life is all about

• Learn about the fundamental laws and principles that allow for a meaningful, effective and truly abundant life

• Uncover and untangle from the hidden fears, limiting beliefs and stories that are at the root of everything weighing you and your life down

• Discover a roadmap that will help you mindfully and effectively move towards your highest potential and generously share it with the world

• Create your very own “toolbox” of powerful insights and exercises that will support you in experiencing lightness, clarity and direction in all areas of your life


• Life transforming workshops with 2 facilitators

• Nature walks and relaxation

• Meditation sessions

• Meaningful dialog

• Healthy and delicious catered meals and snacks that will nourish your body and soul…and satisfy your tastebuds!

• Morning sessions of “Soul-Stretching”

Choice of private suite or shared suite overlooking the lake and mountains

*Optional a 50 minute massage Friday afternoon 

• An element of surprise! (By staying flexible with “the plan”, we create the space required for whatever insight or shared experience needs to be birthed)


• A sense of curiosity and an open heart.


• An uncluttered mind

• A peaceful heart

• A renewed sense of personal power and direction

• A deeper connection to yourself and others

• An expanded ability to access your inner wisdom

• The clarity and tools needed to turn wisdom to action

• The confidence and know-how to move your life towards what you choose it to be

• New supportive friends who are also committed to being the best version of themselves!


Catherine Kontos – Founder of SunHill Retreats

Professionally, Catherine’s experience has gotten public recognition and praise. She was featured in Psychology Today in 2013 presenting a breakthrough addictions and burn out program. In 2015, she won an award for outstanding client care. In 2017, she used her personal experience as a cancer survivor in combination with her professional experience as a life coach to launch Pink Mountains Retreats. This cause placed her in the news for her humanitarian involvement in offering breast cancer survivors a free retreat in helping them cope and thrive with the after affects of cancer. In 2018, The Sunhill Retreats Foundation will be sponsoring many survivors across all ages to free retreats on a regular basis.

She is a successful business woman that is a conscious leader. Both her professional and personal experience are used to guide her clients lovingly through the steps they need for them to reconnect to themselves and find an inner peace that will help them find their way back to their true selves. They leave with a sense of calm and live their life by their aspirations and are no longer controlled by their fear. This is the benchmark to resiliency. Learn from the woman that has lived through the challenges and has been able to thrive through it all. 

Kosta Stoyanoff –  Founder of Uplifted Life

Through his one-on-one sessions & transformative workshops and retreats, Kosta has helped individuals experience and express their highest potential for over 15 years. His style of communication is both refreshing and down-to-earth — helping to translate spiritual wisdom in a way that is applicable, relatable and relevant to our everyday lives.

In a simple, easily digestible, yet extremely potent way, he lovingly nudges, guides and supports others to move beyond their fears and blockages as they embark on the journey from where they are to where they choose to be. He does so by helping them “get out of their own way” and reconnect with the purpose and wisdom of their soul.

In addition to working privately with individuals worldwide, Kosta assists inspired leaders and visionaries within organizations who are looking to expand their awareness and positively affect the lives of others. His mission is to inspire, empower and support those who are passionate about evolving into their best selves and who genuinely care about the legacy they leave behind. He calls these people “Uplifters”!


“I came into SunHill Retreat as a breast cancer survivor, I was fortunate enough to have this opportunity to meet Catherine Kontos who set up the whole event and had the opportunity to meet this amazing woman and the people that was in the same scenario as me. For the first time, after having survived cancer, I can breath, the fresh air, the wonderful people I met. But really breath. Sunhill retreats, not only provided the most amazing place ,but the moment of peace!

Relaxation, mindfulness, the people, love, kindness but what I was looking for, the moment of openness and life. 

The awakening.

I will never forget my experience at this amazing place that has brought change in my life but the awakening of a new life.

The moment you come to sunhill retreats, is the moment of awakening of the people and adventures that will be introduced to you. Thank you Catherine Kontos” - Maricarl B.

“.Well firstly, it makes for a beautiful piece of Heaven. Allows one to truly take inventory of their life meaning. They center on any gifts you may have to share and inner peace.” Richard M.

“Spent the weekend at SunHill Retreats with inspirational Breast Cancer Survivors!!!!! A great experience for all of us to just release tears.. laughter and relaxation of the mind!!!! Would love to go there again for sure.....” Voula A.

“Thank you for one of the most honest and amazing experience in my life. I gave myself this present, I spent time with myself, I allowed myself to feel, I could see the world with different eyes... and so much more! Thank you for making all of this possible :) Every moment and everyone is kept in my heart for the rest of my life path. Blessings and Love.”

“Beautiful weekend. Thank you for organizing this Re-Treat! I loved meeting all the different people from different backgrounds. It was truly inspiring. I loved listening to your wise words, they spoke to me. They reached me in a way that was incredibly powerful. I felt a lot this weekend. It was emotional, at times difficult, but all good. It was like divine therapy! Thank you for the safe space you provided for that. I loved having the time to stop, enjoy, eat and laugh with strangers that have become friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Lots of Love!”

“Loved it, loved it, loved it - So many gems were shared and received. What an amazing weekend! The love, wisdom, openness, warmth and the 'YOU' you bring and so generously share is invaluable!”

Location & Price for this retreat:

Location: The Great Chalet by Lac Des Sables in Sainte Agathe Des Monts

Private Suite:  BOOK NOW AT 599.00  plus tax (Regular price is 720$)

Shared Suite with private bedroom:   BOOK NOW AT 549.00  plus tax (Regular price is 685$)

Shared Suite with a friend: BOOK NOW AT 499.00 /person plus tax (Regular price is  625$ /per.)

Private Suite


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Your own private suite with bathroom. Limited to a single guest. Rooms vary in size from 350 - 450 sq.ft . Some with water view and balcony. Each guest enjoys their own bedroom.  Some with water view. Bedrooms vary in size. All inclusive dining and activities. First to reserve get choice selection. Early booking promotion expires March 30, 2018

Shared Suite with private bedroom


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

In this 3 bedroom suite with bathroom, each guest enjoys their own bedroom.  Some with water view. Bedrooms vary in size. All inclusive dining and activities. First to reserve get choice selection.  Early booking promotion expires March 30, 2018

Shared Suite with a friend (priced for 2 guests)


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Bring a friend and pay only 499$ each. Enjoy a large suite with a queen size bed and sofa bed overlooking the water. First to reserve get choice selection.  Bedrooms vary in size. All inclusive dining and activities. Early booking promotion expires March 30, 2018

*Optional Massage


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Start your transformational weekend by spoiling yourself and add to your experience a Swedish or Lomi Lomi Massage. Must be at retreat for 3 pm on Friday April 20th to have this experience. 

Cancelation Policy: Cancelation of 30 days or more, the guest receives full refund. Between 30 and 15 days there is 50% refund. Less than 15 days there is no refund. All refunds are subjected to a 10% administration fee of full amount.

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